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Welcome to Sober Life School

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Are You Ready to Gain Control Over Alcohol?

(Without Going To Rehab or AA...and Still Enjoy Life?)

Hi! My Name is Arlina Allen

I am a Certified Sobriety Coach & Hypnotist, The Founder of Sober Life School, and Host of the award winning podcast “The One Day At A Time Recovery Podcast”.

I specialize in helping smart, busy, professional women to quit drinking and create a life they love...without rehab or AA.

If you are ready to quit drinking, I can shorten the learning curve for you

...even if you've tried 1,000 times before!

All from the privacy for your home

Here's My Gift To You:

How to Quit Drinking: 30 Tips for 30 Days

  • Printable 30 Day Cheatsheet

  • How to Control Cravings

  • Mindset Hacks To Quit Drinking

  • And More!

Bonus: "The 3 Secrets To Sobriety Nobody Is Telling You"

Happy Clients

"Arlina held my hand while I was working through the process of quitting drinking. 

She was a great support for me during a time when I was dealing with some really hard stuff. Arlina has a great way of approaching sobriety in a practical way that produces real results. I love that she embraces spirituality and uses it to help women in their personal growth journey. 

She helped me recognize when I needed to have my pain validated so I could release those emotions. This was essential for me so I could move forward and leave the past behind. The process was magical and transformational. "

~Brandi M (Pocatello, ID)

"I highly recommend the self-esteem class! 

For the last 9 years of my life I have suffered from anxiety, OCD, phobias, and situational depression, which has been quite debilitating at times. Arlina welcomed me in with open arms. I never once felt judged or afraid, which allowed me to be open and honest about everything. I truly enjoyed every exercise and loved that we started each class with a brief meditation. 

Coming straight from work, these mediations reminded me to enter the present moment and to be in acceptance of every emotion and feeling that came to me. I especially liked the “little girl” exercise she had us do. Arlina asked us to find an old picture of ourselves and write a letter to her (me). This particular exercise was difficult for me and actually made me really emotional, but it allowed me to tell that little girl that she doesn’t have to be afraid of the things that have been holding her back, etc. 

Arlina gave us an opportunity to read this letter out loud if we wanted to. I chose to read mine, which felt refreshing and helped the words have more meaning. Arlina has helped me tremendously, both inside and outside of her class. 

I could go on and on, truly, but I’ll let you have your own experience. Anyone can benefit from it!"

~ Samantha D. (San Jose, CA)

Having never worked with a coach prior to this, I had no idea what to expect.   

Arlina's experience and encouragement allow me to succeed in finding (and being offered) a job that fits my desires, and the knowledge, focus and confidence that I gained from our coaching sessions has spilled over from my professional life to my personal life and relationships. Years of weekly "therapy" sessions never got me these kinds of results.

If you are in a situation where you could use focus, accountability, wisdom and encouragement, I suggest that you commit to a series of coaching sessions with Arlina Allen. I know that when I am faced with future indecision, I will definitely reach out to Arlina again with hopes that she is available to coach me through it.

-Julie S. (Virginia, USA)

"I totally recommend taking a course from Arlina. 

I have been dealing with self-esteem issues and self negative defeating thoughts since I was a little girl. Arlina course helped me to get to the core of this and develop new empowering beliefs. 

I liked that we had homework assignments and got to meet up once a week to go over them. She had a kind and loving way too keep me accountable. She has some great tips and wisdom. I am grateful that I got out of my own way and was able to step out of my comfort zone and take a risk. 

I have grown so much and now feel like I finally have inner peace."

~Trisha D (San Jose, CA)

"I had been struggling with boundary setting, self love and hurts from my past. 

Working with Arlina has and continues to help me do the work necessary to have a healthy internal dialogue and set healthy boundaries by creating space to take care of my needs without feeling judged or guilty. I’ve been given structure around healing my past by not being afraid of it but writing, talking and praying about it. 

I highly recommend working with Arlina as she is a safe and wise place to share my truth. "

~Lisa N (San Jose, CA)

"We Only Allow Into Our Lives What We Believe We Deserve.

When We Change Our Beliefs, Everything Else Changes."

Here's The Deal:
High performers have the hardest time stopping drinking...
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