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Welcome! I'm Arlina

I specializing in helping smart, busy women to quit drinking and create a life they love.

We live in a drinking culture...

Everywhere you look, people are drinking. It's actually EXPECTED that you drink.

At social events, work events, in Mommy groups...even in some churches!

Drinking is so common that you actually have to explain why you are NOT drinking.

So what do you do if you realize that moderation isn't working, and going it alone isn't getting you anywhere?

Well, it depends...

You could go to rehab or a 12 step program, but those options don't work for everyone.

The good news is there are alternatives. I can save you a lot of wasted time and money and short cut the process for you.

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My Story

There was a time when I thought I was just a fun party girl who drank a lot. And for a long time, I had A LOT of fun!

There were lots of wild nights, and lots of crazy stories... 

So why did I quit drinking?

After a particularly heavy night of drinking, I woke up horribly hung over (again), knowing something really bad happened the night before - but I had blacked out and couldn't remember what it was.

With shaky hands and dread in my heart, I called a friend who could tell me what happened. It was painful to hear and I knew something had to change.

I began to question my drinking and asked myself: 

Do I actually have to quit drinking?

This one simple question sent me on a self discovery journey that would not only transform my identity, but the entire trajectory of my life.

It took me 2 years of experimenting with moderation, about 1,000 self-help books (non of which were about sobriety), and lots and lots of pain and frustration.

The undeniable answer was yes, I had to quit drinking.

It felt like I'd never have any fun again, but to my surprise, it was just the beginning of something amazing.

And all I had to do was let go of something that wasn't working for me anyway and embrace a new lifestyle.

Today, I am unrecognizable from the young woman who was so lost and hopeless.

I have spent the last 30 years learning about recovery, what works, what doesn't, and in the process, created a life I love.

I have been married for over 25 years, raised two young men and had a successful sales career as a high tech sales executive.

What I am most grateful for is that I have discovered a hidden talent for helping other women to quit drinking and lead peaceful, joyful, abundant lives.

I have learned that there are no real secrets, just simple actions based on scientifically proven strategies, and spiritual principals

All that is required is willingness, a guide and the right action steps. 

If you are ready to let go of what's holding you back, and step into your confident future self, I'd love to help.


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